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"Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! How to Get Out of Debt AND Enjoy the Journey

Listen, I've heard it all before. "I hate budgets" "I'm overwhelmed" "I'll never get out of debt"

I get it. It IS difficult to create a way out when there are so many things taking your attention. However, I don't just believe it's possible to find your way out; I KNOW it's possible because I did it! My husband and I got out of debt years ago and we had fun in the process. You can too!

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The 4 simple ingredients for getting out of debt without confusion or overwhelm.

How to avoid the common mistakes people make when trying to change their financial situation.

Why enjoying the journey is so important and how to make sure you do.

Many people create their financial plans upside down. They are doing all the right things in the wrong order.

This guide will reveal how to get on track and see results in just a few weeks!

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“In just six months of using Tailor Made Budgets, Ericka has helped us pay off two loans that we have been wanting to payoff for the past 3 years. All while paying off unexpected medical and car repair bills in cash from our emergency fund! Thanks Ericka!!! ~ Sara

Thanks to Ericka, I will have paid off all my credit card debt. I calculated the numbers and it was about $8200 of credit card debt in December that I will have paid off in July!! I'm so happy I engaged her. I already feel so much more financially free from where I started! I'm very motivated to stay on the right track and I'm very happy to report I've now reached a 750 credit score! ~ Brynn

“If anyone needs financial advice or peace in their life, then they need look no further than Ericka Young. This outstanding woman has literally changed lives, including my own. My husband and I were in debt straight out of college and, since taking a course facilitated by Ericka, we were inspired to make life changes that drastically improved our financial status. Ericka’s passion about educating and helping her community to be better stewards over their finances, is awesome." ~ Brenda